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 Golden Sun Doujin Game Index

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PostSubject: Golden Sun Doujin Game Index   Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:22 pm

Since the GSDG threads aren't always going to be active, in case you need to look up or make a post in a certain one, here's a link to all the current ones for your ease of use.

Character Builds - Basic archetypes for what equipment a character can use
Classes - Ideas for character classes
Djinni - Ideas for new and rebalanced djinn
Enemies - Ideas for new enemies for use
Equipment - Ideas for equippable items
Items - Ideas for consumable and key items
Jupiter Adepts - Ideas for Jupiter Adepts
Mars Adepts - Ideas for Mars Adepts
Mercury Adepts - Ideas for Mercury Adepts
Music - Ideas for new music for the DG and where to put them
Plot Ideas - Ideas to be included in the plot
Psynergy - Ideas for new and rebalanced psynergy
Summons - Ideas for new and rebalanced summons
Venus Adepts - Ideas for Venus Adepts

My programming skill is moot, so what I can do is provide reference materials for people to work with while the tools are being developed. I'll to my best to contribute! If you see an error in my reference guides, PLEASE LET ME KNOW about it so I can fix it! Thanks! ^-^

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Golden Sun Doujin Game Index
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